I woke up feeling suuuper depressed this morning. No idea why. Just this general feeling of impending doom. I get it occasionally, I’m pretty sure it’s related to my period. I found this article one why ovulating is so great:

I really need to read it and start living it. After I hand in all of my final assignments for the year. Just 2 weeks away and I’ll be done. Of course I have to actually write 12,000 words in those 12 weeks. Oh my god.

I didn’t want to wake up this morning, didn’t want to come to work, didn’t want to eat healthy, didn’t want to exercise and didn’t want to study. I’ve done 2 of those things (woken up and come to work), now I just have to get through the work day, get through a babysitting job tonight and eat the food I have planned to eat. Will study at the babysitting job (just got to read a book really) then work out when I get home and then I will have made it through the day. Then it all starts again tomorrow :/

Feeling lonely, sad. It’s times like this when old me would be calling ex boyfriends and organising a rendezvous. But new me is trying to become independent. So I’m pretend-planning moving to London or Tokyo to teach. It’s a real possibility.


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